The Film Half Nelson

The Half Nelson film was released on the theaters on August 11 of 2006. Half Nelson movie is an American drama film. The Half Nelson movie was filmed in New York City, USA. Some of the specific locations were the filming was done are: The New York Hall of Science, New York 111th street, Brooklyn, Queens, Flushing Meadows Park, etc. This film is rated R because of the drug content, profanity language and some sexuality throughout the film.

Half Nelson film cast overview: Ryan Gosling as Dan Dunne, Shareeka Epps as Drey, Jeff Lima as Roodly, Nathan Corbett as Terrance, Tristan Wildsas Jamal, Tyra Kwao Vovo as Stacy, Rosemary Ledee, Tine Holmes as Rachel, Stephanie Bast as Vanessa, Eleanor Hutchins as Simone, Bryce Silver as Bernard, Sebastian Sossi as Bernand, etc.

The plot summary of the film?. Young caucasian Dan Dunne (Ryan Gosling) is a high school History teacher and the coach of the girls basketball team at the Brooklyn high school which primarily populated by hispanic and black students. Teacher Dan rejects the standard curriculum of teaching History by which he approaches he's teaching based on dialectics. He teaches the students on how changes work on regards to historical and personal facts by which he captures the imagination of the students. Dan is a dynamic, smart, in control of the classroom while teaching History, but outside of the walls of the high school he has a different way of life. Dan has a distant but cordial relationship with he's family. The majority of he's free time after school is dedicated to the usage of illicit drugs. Dan has an addiction for cocaine. Dan's girlfriend Rachel (Tina Holmes) was also a cocaine addict, but now she has gone through rehabilitation successful. Drey (Shareeka Epps) is one of Dan's students and a player of the girls basketball team. Drey had caught Dan on the girls locker room using cocaine after school. Since then it had resulted with a friendship between both. Drey has family problems were her parents are divorced and her brother Mike (Collins Pennie) is in prison for drug sale. The movie tension comes when Drey attempts to help Dan to quit he's drug habit because of its consequences and Dan tries to keep Drey away from following her brother foot steps.

The film reception was greeted high critical claim, which was found on many top ten films of 2006. The soundtrack of Half Nelson was released on the U.S on August 8 of 2006 and the DVD of the film on February 13 of 2007. This movie is based on a film called Gowanus, Brooklyn which a duration of 19 minutes. This film was made by Bodeck and Fleck in 2004.

  • Pill Abuse

    Half Nelson is a film that deals with the delicate topic of substance abuse among young people. This abuse not only occurs with illegal substances, but also with prescription medicine that is used for recreation, like erectile dysfunction medication that has become a lot more available due to the advent of the business.